Our coffee is now available online and for local collection

Calderwood House Coffee Van Homeless Solutions CumbriaLike so many organisations we have had to find different ways to combat the challenges posed by Covid-19. Sadly we had to sell our coffee van in 2020. This was not only a great source of income (we were well known  for serving up a great cup of coffee), but also it was a fantastic way for our residents to integrate back into the community, raise awareness and regain confidence after their challenging time without a home. This was an important step in housing recovery. This year (thanks to funding from UnLtd) we have been able to launch coffee sales online, and we now have a free click and collect for customers in West Cumbria.

The best way to share with you why our coffee makes a difference and also tastes incredible is to ask for 90 seconds of your time to watch the video below. If you'd like to find out more about the hostel and the people we help there is a slightly longer 4 min video here. Ian who shares his story in this has just successfully moved out into his own home and is now a volunteer for us!

Please try out our fabulous coffee roasted by award-winning Rinaldo's of Kendal and also help us keep the doors open to support more people. If you order a bag and tell three friends you really do help us bring someone in from the cold to the care of the hostel. Already sampled the coffee? Help us by leaving a review here. Thank you!