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When things were at their worst during Covid19 lockdowns, The Cumberland were by our side to provide help with core costs and help us keep the doors open to Calderwood House. Through Cumbria Community Foundation, The Cumberland and Community Fund grant enabled us to pay our staff with a grant of £15,741. It made a huge difference and we are extremely thankful for their support. If you haven’t had a chance to watch this impactful video, please grab a cup of (Calderwood House) coffee ☕ and see what is achieved when positive people collaborate. It inspires and changes lives. We have also shared their feature in In-Cumbria.

Extracts from the Video

Rachel Holliday said about The Cumberland’s support:

“What you usually find these days is that organisations want to fund something new. It has got to be new and shiny. Which means someone like me has to take loads of time and energy to make something new and shiny when actually what you need is fund the core costs. Cumberland came across and said “Pay your staff. There’s the money – get them paid. It was a really quick turn around as well. It was really, really simple. I’ve absolutely loved working with Cumbria Community Foundation and The Cumberland. They are a really easy, simple funder – very flexible to work with – and those are the type of funders that we really need.”

Becky Towns explained the background to their support for Calderwood House and reason for the video: 

“We were able to offer a grant of just over £15K. That’s gone to support some of the most critical services during the pandemic. We wanted also to highlight the importance of the homeless issue in our region by finding out more and working more closely with the team.”

Video created by The Cumberland which gives a real insight into Calderwood House and why simple and easy-to-access support from funders makes all the difference during challenging times.

In-Cumbria highlights The Cumberland’s focus on mental health in the workplace

In Cumbria Calderwood House with The Cumberland Of a Mind to Help 2

Feature on “Of a Mind to Help” in In-Cumbria – focus on The Cumberland and their priority on supporting mental health in the workplace.

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