We are partnering with St Bees Village School on Bright Stars 2021 – a fantastic programme from Centre for Leadership Performance to encourage entrepreneurial spirit in our future leaders at primary school.

This year, after the challenging time of Covid-19 the emphasis is on making a difference in the community. We are so proud that Year 6 are creating great ways to promote and sell our coffee which is now online.

Watch this amazing video made by Isla, Talia and Allicia. It gives a lot of very useful information about homelessness and also encourages you all to buy our coffee. This is one of the ways that we can sustain ourselves and keep the doors open to help people off the streets and then back into their own accommodation.

Thank you to year 6 for this amazing video, and all the other fantastic work that they are doing! You can read about their progress here if you search for the school………

AND if you would like to help us all make a difference and do well in the competition buy a bag of coffee and help spread the word, please do so here (please put a reference in of BRIGHT STARS)