Rachel Holliday- Founder/Director 


I opened up Calderwood House to provide innovative solutions to rising homelessness & unemployment. It was my belief that with the right support & opportunities anyone can become a valued member of society once again. We actively challenge the stigma associated with homelessness for brighter futures for all.

Ken Fisher- Finance Director



Working with Calderwood has opened my eyes to the issues which beset so many individuals, usually due to how we, as a society generally, categorise everyone on appearance or circumstance. It is an absolute pleasure for me to be able to contribute in any way to ensuring Calderwood House continues to be a sustainable project to support those in need.

Emma Jane Gooch- Director

Working with Calderwood house is a privilege. Prior to joining Calderwood I had a preconceived idea of what homelessness was and the types of people it affected. I was completely wrong. The residents at Calderwood never fail to amaze me and the staff are my true heroes. Calderwood doesn’t just help lives it saves them.

Dr Ronnie Proudfoot-  Director


Calderwood House is truly an exceptional project. Not only does it meet the immediate needs of its clients, it also provides help and instruction so that clients can manage those everyday needs and can, with further support develop their talents and interests for their future benefit. Our clients are true partners in this project; they remain in charge of their lives and each, to a varying degree, becomes empowered for the future.


Josephine Booth- Director