Rachel Holliday – Founder/Director

I opened up Calderwood House to provide innovative solutions to rising homelessness and unemployment. It was my belief that with the right support and opportunities anyone can become a valued member of society once again. We actively challenge the stigma associated with homelessness for brighter futures for all.




 Steven Morgan – ChairmanCalderwood House Chairman of the Board Steven Morgan

“Sometimes through no fault of their own, some people find themselves in extremis and need help; shelter, introductions to government agencies and potential employers, assistance in obtaining benefits, medical and counselling care and access to educational or training opportunities.  Calderwood House provides an indispensable safety net for our community.  As a retired military man myself, I have a particular motivation to ensure that our armed forces veterans are not forgotten when their need is greatest.”


Calderwood House Temporary Chairman Ronald ProudfootDr Ronnie Proudfoot – Director

Calderwood House is truly an exceptional project. Not only does it meet the immediate needs of its clients, it also provides help and instruction so that clients can manage those everyday needs and can, with further support develop their talents and interests for their future benefit. Our clients are true partners in this project; they remain in charge of their lives and each, to a varying degree, becomes empowered for the future.



 John Berry – DirectorCalderwood House Board Director John Berry

I joined the board of Calderwood House to try and make a difference to the lives of people in our local community. Whilst I do not have experience of the challenges face by our residents I hope to have a positive influence on ensuring that the governance and structure required for the organisation to continue to operate the much needed service.



  Josephine Booth – Director

My name is Jo Booth and I am now retired.  For the last twenty five years I worked for the NHS as a Substance Misuse Practitioner.  In this role I  worked with GPs and made recommendations around prescribing needs, supported individuals with housing needs, criminal justice issues and many with complex mental health needs.

I am married to Alan and we have two children and I am a grandmother to five beautiful grandchildren aged between two  and thirteen years.

I have been a Director for Calderwood House from the beginning and feel privileged to support this worthwhile and much needed project.


Calderwood House Co-opted Board Member Amanda StarrAmanda Starr – Co-opted Board Member

Time to Change is one of Copeland Borough Council’s key partner agencies.   The council is committed to supporting them in their vital work with those facing homelessness.  Calderwood House provides a vital service to Copeland offering a place of safety and shelter along with a welcoming non-judgemental approach.  The team have endless patience and commitment allowing people time and space to grow and change.  Through them people are given second and sometimes third chances, and lives are rebuilt. I’m proud to be involved as a cop-opted board member.