We have a wonderful team of people supporting us here at Calderwood House Egremont. Here’s what some of our staff have to say:

Lesley Holliday – Hostel Manager

I have only recently began working  at Calderwood House, but feel like I have joined a brilliant team. Calderwood House has been a long awaited facility here in West Cumbria. Having worked in the housing support sector for nearly twenty years I have seen the affect of homelessness on the individual and the wider implications this has on their lives. It is fantastic that finally we have somewhere that is safe, secure and supportive for those that find themselves at our door.

Emma Williamson – Support Worker & Social Media Coordinator

I joined the Calderwood House team in 2015 and quickly realised working in the homeless sector was a vocation that would be both challenging and rewarding. I am an extremely passionate and driven individual and I utilise these values to educate society about the injustices and the many societal ills that our residents endure as a direct consequence of becoming homeless. I strive to guide the residents into independent sustainable living but our ultimate goal is to give them the freedom, opportunities and support to create a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Carla Munkley- Support Worker

My background is in Business. I spent six years in education, and gained my degree at Aberystwyth University, in 2014. Soon after, I moved to reside in Cumbria, and got my position at Calderwood House on its opening in October 2015.

I applied to be a support worker because I have experienced homelessness first hand and knew what affects this could have upon a person’s life. I wanted to be able to help people who found themselves in this situation, and to show that no matter how hard life gets, or what is thrown at you, that there is always someone there who is willing to help.

Without supported facilities like Calderwood House I wouldn’t be where I am today, and many people would have nowhere and no-one to turn to. That should never have to happen.

Keith Duck- Nightshift Worker


The best thing about Calderwood House is that we are one big happy family right from the directors all way down to the staff and the residents .So it always a pleasure to come to work.

I was homeless and if it was not for Calderwood House. I don’t know if I would be alive today so this project means so much to me to give back to people what it has given me and to see how it changes people lives and help them back into the community.

Rebecca Irving- Support Worker

My background is predominantly mental health in which I have nine years experience. I progressed on towards the issue of homelessness in West Cumbria and worked in this sector for two years, before apply for the role of support worker at Calderwood House. I am very proud of the fact that we prioritise ex service personnel, many of whom suffer from silent illness such as PTSD. I love the whole ethos of  Calderwood House, the work we do and the difference that we make to the people and their lives.   

Janet Fairclough- Support Worker


I’m originally from Lancashire and lived in Cumbria for 13 years now. I’ve always liked working within the community and helping others from young people to the vulnerable I love working at Calderwood house as this gives me the opportunity to help others and make a difference to people’s lives.

Julie Hodgson- Finance Administrator

I volunteered at Calderwood House before being employed as the Finance and Admin Clerk.  I enjoy being part of a team who help people to turn their lives around and get them back on their feet.  My job is very diverse and constantly changes which makes it both exciting and varied at the same time. Calderwood House is a great place to work with interesting residents, great staff and a brilliant management team.